Copy.AI vs. Jasper: An in-depth comparison

How do you handle a problem that plagues even the greatest of writers? 70% of a writing survey group admitted to having writer’s block occasionally. Even globally acclaimed writer J.K. Rowling has been a victim of it. Writer’s block is often tainted by an inability to make cohesive and coherent pieces appear on a blank sheet of paper. Developers create most AI writing tools to address this particular problem and Copy. AI and Jasper are no different.

When developers create AI writing software, their aim is to simplify the task of writing unique content and generating ideas. The presence of numerous AI writing tools has achieved that. But in a slew of options, how do you, as a writer or business owner, arrive at the best ai content generator for you? Copy AI and Jasper AI are amongst the best ai content generators available, but which is the better content tool?

What are AI writing tools?

AI writing tools are often applications that use artificial intelligence to help writers with their work. These applications are available in different languages and come in various forms. The best of these tools will analyze your writing style to provide you with corrections and even suggest new ideas for writing topics.

The purpose of these tools is to help you improve your writing skills. For example, you can use them on any document, including articles, blog posts, emails, and reports. In addition, writers and businesses can also use these tools on websites where you have to write content for different sections, such as product descriptions or a bio page for authors.

AI writing tools are also called AI content writers because they act as technology content writers, still aided by humans. Every AI writing tool depends on human input, so while it is easy to believe that these tools are our replacement, they are meant to increase productivity and augment our work.

How do they work?

All AI writing tools operate using user-generated input, which simply means that these tools adapt to the style and tone of the information it is given, improving their real-world adaptability. Since humans provide the data, it is natural that these tools begin to take on a human-like feel. AI writing tools are programmed to scour the information available online to provide accurate information for the content it produces. For example, Copy.AI and Jasper AI operate using the same GPT-3, but the implementation of this open AI software differs.

What to look out for when choosing an AI writing tool?

Writing is not a linear process. It is a series of decisions and choices that are made over time. There are many factors to consider when choosing the best ai content generator tool, but some of the most important ones include the following;

1. How do you want your writing tool to work?

Determining what AI tool to use can be complex, as many options are available. Some ai tools are designed for a more specific purpose than others, so it is essential to know what you need to advance.

2. What kind of writer are you?

If you are more of a fiction or non-fiction writer focused on books and essays, then using an AI-writing tool might be too much work. However, an AI writing tool could be perfect if you prefer to write articles and blog posts.

3. What type of content do you want?

If it is blogs, articles, and essays that need editing or rewriting, then using an AI tool would be ideal because it can handle all types of content perfectly. However, you may need to use a specialized AI content generator or do without if it’s more complicated content.

4. How much does the tool cost?

Is the cost of the AI writing tool commensurate with the quality of work being produced? Is it worth the money?

5. What technology is being used?

How does the content delivery tie in with the tone and brand voice of your business? Will it work for you?

6. How easy is it to use?

A good Ai writing tool should have an easy-to-use interface, and most currently available follow this path, but some ai writing tools require a technical background to proceed.

Other factors are;

  • The quality of content produced
  • The level of third-party integration it has if any
  • Does it offer multiple languages option?
  • The level and accuracy of its editing

Copy AI vs Jasper AI

How do they work?

Copy. Ai is built to automate the writing process while using machine learning methods to improve your writing by using data collected from millions of human-written content. It is an intuitive AI content generator with an easy-to-use interface. Like other AI tools, generates content based on the information inputted by the user.

An image showing a 3-step guide to how Copy.AI works
Copy.AI vs Jasper

Upon sign-in, you will be asked but not required to input information about yourself and your intentions with the software. You can choose from the available templates depending on what you want to do. There is no need for a technological background to use this software; that’s how easy it is, but on the off chance that one is confused, Copy.AI has a YouTube page that will guide you through step by step use of the application.

Jasper AI (formerly known as Jarvis AI) is a platform that helps writers create engaging content through artificial intelligence. It uses natural language processing to analyze the text inputted and makes suggestions for improvement and an AI-driven content generation system to produce new content on the go.

Jasper.AI aims to help its users write better, faster, and with more control by focusing on long-form content generation. The developers of Jasper.AI pride themselves on the level of content the AI writing tool creates so much, so they boast that “…Jasper will almost always generate unique content, particularly for longer content. We trained Jasper to read 10% of the internet.”

Users can therefore rest assured that Jasper does not trade the quality of content for the quantity it can produce.

Their functionalities

1. Templates

Overall, Jasper AI is home to templates that deliver high-quality content output, but Copy.AI has more template options. Where Jasper AI offers 50 templates, Copy.AI’s template list sits at 90, including the options called “tools.” If the templates aren’t enough, both platforms provide a custom template creation which is helpful for unique content or copy.

Copy.AI’s templates are a good way to get started with short-form content creation, while Jasper outweighs it in long-form content. While Jasper AI offers more sophisticated templates than Copy.AI, the learning curve is higher. You can rely on Jasper for optimized content like blog posts and articles, but it can quickly adapt to any content form. Copy.AI, for example,  can be more assertive with its email marketing and social media caption generator.

2. Content Output

If you want high-quality content and price is not a barrier, go for Jasper, but this doesn’t mean that Copy. AI is not a candidate. Instead, Jasper has a more robust content output, and you can be more assured of the accuracy of the information generated especially for long-form content.

Copy. AI is strong, but in long-form content, it pales compared to Jasper. Before the launch of its blog wizard, Copy. AI was limited to creating only snippets of the content it was set to generate. If you wanted an entire blog post, you must first input an idea for the outline, then the intro, then the blog sections, and then the conclusion.

Even though you receive an entire blog post at the end, you have to double-check that the flow and consistency of the position are in sync.

On the other hand, Jasper AI is a robust long-form content creator. Rather than create content based on sections, Jasper AI creates the entire long-form content within minutes of input. It might not cross the fastest AI content generators list, but you don’t have to be scrupulous when editing the content.

So while Jasper AI is generating the content, you can add new information by editing your input, and this will be taken into account without scrapping the initial intake.

3. SEO

Copy.AI is an AI writing tool for average writers who must quickly overcome writer’s block. It is purely a content generator and can barely be optimized for SEO. On the other hand, Jasper AI operates with an SEO surfer in place with its document editor. This means that for every text inputted, long or short-form, you can include keywords and see how well it ranks.

4. Editor

As we mentioned above, Copy. AI is a strong content generation contender, but that is where most of it stops. Jasper AI, on the other hand, offers a document editor alongside its SEO capabilities; it also has third-party solid integration with Grammarly, so it edits as it generates. Jasper AI is also home to a plagiarism checker, ensuring that the content generated is unique and copy-free.

5. Extras

In terms of additional features, Jasper AI offers more than Copy.AI. As of December 2022, Jasper announced its integration of Outwrite, a writing tool it acquired, with its chrome extension. This means that Jasper AI is now available to a broader audience and has become more of a one-stop shop for content writing tools. Jasper Ai currently sits in the lead for best ai content generator contender.

It also has a 3,000-character look back, translates to 25 different languages, and has templates for Google Ads. One of the promising features of Copy. AI is its focus on ad copy and short-form content.


Is cheaper always better? As with most statements, the answer is relative to the tax bracket you reside in. Jasper AI costs more than Copy. AI, but based on the breakdown of features we conducted above, it makes sense.

Jasper AI has three price offerings beginning with the starter package and ending with a custom business plan.

Copy.AI vs Jasper
Pricing: Copy.AI vs Jasper
  • The starter package is for “hobbyists just getting started” and goes for $40 per month and includes access to 50+ templates at 35,000 words per month limit.
  • The Boss package is the most commonly selected, and it caters to “bloggers and content marketers” at $82 per month. This package includes 100,000 words per month limit, live-chat support, long-form content generation, and a Google docs style editor. Its features also include all available under the starter package.
  • The business package is a customizable package for “teams and businesses.” To begin, you book a consultation with the sales department. Its features include everything on the boss package, personalized onboarding and training, workspace admin features, and collaborations with more than five users.

Copy.AI, on the other hand, offers free and paid packages with room for consultations for team/custom packages.

  • The free package offers 2,000 words per month with no credit card information required at signup. In addition, it provides access to the blog wizard tool and a 7-day free pro version trial.
  • The paid package is priced at $49 per month and is the most popular box used on Copy.AI. It includes five collaboration seats, access to 90+ writing tools, priority email support, 25+ translations, and unlimited projects.
  • Lastly is a custom price plan for companies requiring more form Copy. AI. The price range and features are customized to what your team needs.


The title of the best ai content generator depends on what you are looking for and what you can afford. If your focus is on short-form content and ad copy within a tight budget, we advise you to use Copy. AI, but if your focus is SEO adaptability and long-form scope, Jasper AI is your best bet.

If we were to pick, our choice would be Jasper AI. Copy. AI is good, but it isn’t beneficial in the long run. It only offers solutions that will work in your business’s “brand awareness” and social media stage but fall short in genuine content creation that can retain customers.

Your choice is always dependent on what you aim to achieve with these AI content writing tools.

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