Why do you need a content writing agency?

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Before we delve into the rationale behind outsourcing your content needs to a content writing agency, which could essentially be a sales pitch for our services, we have one question: How would you describe an effective office operation?

Is the effectiveness of your office dependent on staff (writers especially) not experiencing any burnout? If that is the case, you have your first reason to outsource your writing. The days of hiring pricey in-house writers who run out of steam just a few months into the job would be long gone.

Outsourcing your company’s content writing is one way to keep your content pipeline fresh and engaging enough to generate leads. But your startup still gains so much by outsourcing your written content needs to agencies, and we can summarize them from the following viewpoints.

1. Creates a more effective system

If there is one thing we have noticed about SMEs, it is that they are cursed with the DIY bug, and we get it. The budget can be tight for SMEs and startups, or other people might not get the dream, so these companies choose to do everything themselves. The problem with the DIY curse is that it strings you along in a loop of inefficiency.

Content writing, in this case, will often take a backseat to other company operations because creating good content that converts takes time. The amount of research and writing involved in creating content can be energy-consuming on its own.

A successful business is a master of the division of labor with everyone concentrating on their field. Outsourcing your content writing does not eliminate your input; it only strengthens it because you can now focus on your long-term business goals.

2. You gain content flexibility by using a content writing agency

Let’s face it — customer preferences change with time. What engages them today might not necessarily do the trick tomorrow; you have to be ready for that. Your target audience might be all hopped-up on blog posts that deliver educational value to them, but that could all change in the blink of an eye to perhaps, personalized email copies.

Both forms of content require different skillsets that an in-house writer may not possess. So, working with an agency gives you unfettered access to all sorts of content specialists — Copywriters, product reviewers, SEO experts, etc. — whose strengths your company can adapt to its content strategy plan.

3. Consistency matters

Maintaining your brand’s tone in every content can be perplexing, especially when operating on a schedule.

More importantly, surveys show that consistency in your posting schedule can significantly affect your posts’ conversions. Therefore, creating a few blog posts every once in a while will do more damage than good to your company’s search engine rankings, which is common when using an in-house writer.

Because content agency writers are accustomed to the nitty-gritty of creating written content and content marketing, they can seamlessly adapt to your brand’s content schedule irrespective of the volume.

4. Let the professionals handle it

Nothing beats the professional touch, especially for businesses who crave content that actually converts.

Whether your content needs involve explaining abstract eCommerce terms to the layman or staying up-to-date with the fashion industry trends, your brand would most likely gain more from collaborating with a writing agency.

These agencies usually have professionals who can offer in-depth analysis and fresh insights using the right tone and lingo instead of an in-house writer that only depends on a few days of Google-powered research to develop content.

The whole essence of having a website is to portray a functional organization that can effectively provide a service. Outsourcing your content writing to an agency with pros ensures that your content quality is always professional and in line with your established brand voice.

5. Content writing agencies offer value-added-services

Although this may be closely related to our second point, think about the number of skillsets required to drive your content marketing policy. You may require data mining, Backlinks, SEO, graphical illustration, and many other services just to create a well-rounded post.

How often would you find an individual who possesses these attributes? And with your off-chance, how much do you think that person would charge?

Using a content writing agency creates a one-stop-shop where you can access several value-added services that makes your content strategy not fail and its execution from zero to a hundred in no time.

Churning out consistent content is not a one-person job

Creating quality content regularly is usually not a one-day affair. The enormous behind-the-scene planning, research, and work usually involve several hands that go into crafting the engaging pieces you read every day.

Hiring an in-house writer might seem like a good idea on the surface; the reality often disproves this just a few months into practice. But on the other hand, a writing agency brings together professionals who can collaborate to deliver content that engages your audience and converts.

Earlier, we mentioned how this may or may not be a sales pitch, but we would let you decide. We know that companies outsourcing their content writing to Kaku have experienced higher conversions and search engine rankings.

At Kaku, we choose to let our work speak for us.

Send us a message today for a consultation and see how Kaku can elevate your marketing strategy with the right words and voice.

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