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We are experts at creating content that powers growth

Kaku specializes in helping businesses grow their brand through precision-based written content. We produce both long and short write-ups for just about everyone. Whether you are a SaaS start-up or a manufacturing entity, we have got you covered.

Who we are

Kaku is basically an in-house team of content writers. We like to think of ourselves as creative geniuses who have mastered the art of fusing words that have a lasting effect on your audience. Our primary motivation stems from the fact that every brand deserves a voice, and the verdict out there today is that quality content is the best way to raise awareness and engage with your audience.

Our Values

At Kaku, we believe that every business deserves a voice. But in the process of creating content for your brand, we would NEVER cut corners. We guarantee that every piece that comes from us is 100 percent original and plagiarism-free

Meet Our Team!

Specialists in creating content scalable content for digital startups.

Abdulbaqi Abdulmalik
Founder & CEO
Rose Davidson
Co-Founder & Head of Content
Aisha Oiza
Lead Editor
Hafiz Itopa
Design Lead